Privatumo politika

Atile aims to inform you about its processing of your personal data by means of this privacy policy. The provisions of this Privacy Policy apply to you if Atile processes your personal data. If you browse our website, you are deemed to have read this privacy policy. We may also ask for your confirmation that you have read the privacy policy in documents you provide to us (e.g. contracts, agreements, questionnaires, inquiry forms). The Site may contain links to other companies’ websites, but the Privacy Policy does not apply to your use of other companies websites. Always read the privacy notices of other service providers and contact them directly about their use of your data. We may change this Privacy Policy at any time at our sole discretion or as required by law. Please check that you are familiar with the current version of the Privacy Policy before browsing the website.

ADTAĮ – Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania.
GDPR – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).
Data subject means a natural person, an existing or potential customer of Atile or a representative of a current or potential customer of Atile, as well as a person who browses the website, submits requests to Atile, enters into a contract with Atile or communicates with Atile, including persons who purchase Atile products, services or for any other lawful purpose, and the directors, owners, partners, shareholders, beneficiaries, including the ultimate beneficiaries, of legal entities that use or intend to use the services.
Data Controller means the Atile company to which you or others have provided your personal data or whose services you have requested.
“Atile” (or we) – UAB “Arjelita” registered at Aido g. 43-7, LT-78241 Šiauliai, legal entity code 302952457.
Services – the services or products provided, offered or sold by Atile (sewing, sale of clothing, etc.).
Privacy Policy – this Privacy Policy of Atile, prepared in accordance with the GDPR, the GDPR, and other legal acts regulating the processing and protection of personal data.
Website – Atile’s website at Other terms used in this Privacy Policy (e.g. personal data) shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the GDPR, the DPAA.

Why personal information is collected We use personal data to sell and ship goods to you and for the following purposes:

  • To verify your identity
  • To decide on entering into a service contract
  • To conclude a service contract
  • Selling products
  • Implementation of the “Know Your Customer” principle
  • Administering and responding to your inquiries; To resolve any problems that arise
  • To protect and defend our rights and legitimate interests and property
  • To improve our services, develop new services and Atile’s activities
  • To improve products, new products, and the development of Atile’s activities
  • “Atile’s internal administration, bookkeeping; Performance of its obligations to third parties
  • The collection and administration of debts, making legal claims for their enforcement and defense, and defending against claims and complaints brought against us
  • Statistical
  • Communications
  • Direct marketing
  • Obtaining your opinion (feedback) about us

We process personal data where (i) we are obliged to do so by law, (ii) if you intend to enter into, or have entered into, a contract with us, (iii) based on our legitimate interest, or, (iv) if we have obtained your consent to the processing of personal data.

Direct marketing
When we process your data for direct marketing, we ask for your consent to such processing. If you do not provide consent, we will not process your data for this purpose. If you do provide consent, you may withdraw it at any time by contacting us at the email address provided in this Privacy Policy. For direct marketing purposes, we will process personal data for a maximum period of 3 years from the date of obtaining your consent or until you withdraw your consent to the processing of your data for direct marketing purposes, whichever is earlier.

Where and what personal data do we receive
We receive your data directly from you when you make inquiries to Atile company(ies), including orders you place through the website, enter into or intend to enter into a contract with Atile company(ies), compile a shopping list, a “get to know you” form or other questionnaires or other requested documents, or interact with us on social networks. We process this personal data, but not limited to: Identification-related data: name(s), surname(s), personal identification number, date of birth, tax identification number, gender, nationality, personal document data (including photo), IP address, digital identification data, if your identity is established remotely, personal data of your representative, Website browsing data, data relating to your behavior on social networks insofar as it relates to Atile, e.g. messages sent by you to Atile, your use of social networks (including your use of the ” like”, “follow” buttons on social networks), your visits to social networks administered by Atile, contact details: residential address, mailing address, telephone number, email address, You provide all the data to us freely. If you do not provide certain personal data, we may not be able to carry out specific actions, such as providing you with the Service for which you have applied.

Receipt of personal data from other persons
We may receive information about you indirectly, including but not limited to, from the organizations and persons you represent, from legal entities of which you are a director, officer, board member, ultimate beneficiary, your family member, and, at your request as a potential client, from persons such as sellers of the property for which you are applying for financing, and from persons who intend to insure/ have insured the property you intend to rent/ lease. Where we are contacted by legal persons for the provision of the Services, we may receive the following data from you as a representative, manager, owner, shareholder, shareholder, beneficiary, or person with voting rights of such legal person: Identifiable data: name(s), surname(s), personal identification number, date of birth, gender, nationality, contact details: residential address, correspondence address, telephone number, e-mail address, We may also indirectly receive information about you from law enforcement authorities, or other persons about damage to persons, property, or non-compliance with legal requirements. In addition, we may receive indirectly from third parties the same data as we receive directly as set out above.

Sharing of information
As a general rule, we do not share your personal data with others. However, in order to comply with our obligations, to meet legal requirements, on the basis of Atile’s legitimate interest, your personal data may be transferred to the following persons: financial institutions, payment service providers, public and law enforcement authorities, bodies, courts, other persons or bodies if we are obliged to do so by law, “to persons providing services to Atile (e.g. lawyers, auditors, accountants, insurers, car tracking services, identification services) to the extent necessary for us to provide the relevant service properly, persons who have provided you with means of enforcing your obligations to Atile, other persons (including prospective purchasers of the business) in connection with the sale, merger, or purchase of Atile’s business or part of the business. In order to comply with legal requirements, we may also transfer your personal data to other persons not specified in this Privacy Policy. We will transfer your personal data to persons other than those specified in this Privacy Policy upon your consent to such transfer or upon your request to transfer your personal data to specific persons. When we transfer your personal data to other persons, we ensure the security of the personal data transferred.

Processors of personal data
In order to fulfill our obligations to you, as well as for the operation of Atile and for other legitimate purposes, we may use data processors (e.g. persons who provide us with data centers, servers, website administration, document archiving, advertising, and marketing services, identification, and other services) who will, on our instructions and to the extent determined by us, process personal data to the extent that it is necessary for the purposes of the processing of personal data. When selecting processors, we require that processors have put in place appropriate organizational and technical security measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data.

Social media
“Atile may have established profiles on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn. If you intend to interact with Atile on social media, please read the privacy notices of the social network managers and contact them directly regarding their use of your personal data.

Retention period of personal data
We ensure that your personal data is processed for no longer than is necessary to achieve the purposes of the processing, and for no longer than is required by law.
We will normally retain personal data for the duration of the contract we have concluded with you and for 10 years from the last calendar day of the year in which the contract was performed unless longer periods are necessary for the purpose of making legal claims, defending legal interests, or unless longer retention periods are required for the purposes of archiving documents or other legal requirements.
In the absence of a contract, we will retain the personal data for 2 years from the date of receipt of your request, unless we are obliged to retain the personal data for a longer period in order to comply with the requirements of the legislation on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism, or unless a longer retention period would be necessary in order to protect our interests.
After the retention period has expired, we will either delete, destroy or anonymize the personal data collected. Some personal data stored in computer files may still be accessible for a certain period of time after the expiry of their retention period in data backup systems, but access to such personal data is strictly limited.

Security of personal data
Because we place a high value on the security of your personal data, we take appropriate technical and administrative measures to protect the personal data we collect from loss, unauthorized use, and alteration.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we process all personal data in strict accordance with the principle of confidentiality.

Your rights
As a data subject, you have the rights set out below in this section. The right to know (be informed) about the processing of your personal data. In our Privacy Policy, we provide general information about the processing of your personal data. You can also exercise this right by contacting us using the contact details provided in the Privacy Policy. The right to access the processing of your personal data and how it is processed. You can exercise this right by contacting us using the contact details provided in the Privacy Policy. Upon your request, we will provide you with information on where we obtained your personal data, the period of retention of your personal data, what personal data has been collected, for what purpose we process it, and to whom we provide it.
As a general rule, we will provide you with such information free of charge, unless your requests are manifestly unfounded or disproportionate, in particular, because of their repetitive content. In addition, if your requests are manifestly unfounded or disproportionate we have the right to refuse to comply with your request.
If you do not specify the form in which the information is to be provided in your request, we will provide you with the information in the same form in which the request is received.
The right to request the rectification of incorrect, incomplete, or inaccurate personal data.
The right to request the erasure of personal data or the restriction of processing operations if it is established that personal data are being processed unlawfully or fraudulently. The right to object to the processing of personal data, except where the processing is carried out for our legitimate interests or those of a third party unless your interests are overridden. The right to withdraw your consent to the processing. You may exercise this right at any time by contacting us at the contact details set out in this privacy policy. You may request the deletion of all data we have collected about you and thus exercise the right to be “forgotten”. We have the right to refuse to comply with your request to “be forgotten” in the cases provided for by law. You have the right to request that the personal data you have provided us with, where it is processed on the basis of consent or a contract, and where it is processed by automated means, be “portable”, that is to say, transmitted to another controller or transmitted to you in a format that is structured, commonly used and computer-readable, provided that this is technically feasible (this applies if the personal data were provided by you and where the personal data are processed by automated means on the basis of consent or the establishment and performance of a contract).
You have the right to object to automated processing, including profiling. In this case, we will review the automated decision made in relation to you accordingly upon your request. If the lawfulness of our processing of your personal data is in doubt or if you are not satisfied with the resolution of the situation, you have the right to lodge a complaint about such processing of your personal data with the State Data Protection Inspectorate (L. Sapiegos st. 17, Vilnius, e-mail address [email protected], website or with a competent court. You have the right to complain about our actions or omissions. If you are dissatisfied with the resolution of the situation, we encourage you to first contact Atile using the contact details provided in this Privacy Policy. If you have suffered material or non-material damage as a result of our violation of your rights as a data subject, you have the right to compensation.

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What cookies are used by Atile and for whom
We use different types of cookies. They are categorized according to their purpose, location on the website, how they are used, and how long they are stored:

Session cookies are stored temporarily for as long as you visit the website. They are used to enable you to perform actions on the website and are deleted when you close your browser, persistent cookies are stored on your computer or other devices for an appropriate period. These cookies are used to optimize and improve the website, to improve the content and display electronic offers (including on external websites), and to collect statistical data.
Statistical cookies are necessary to enable us to learn about the browsing habits of visitors to the website and to ensure that they have a perfect experience on the website, and to enable us to improve the quality of our service and services, functional cookies help us to improve website features and personalized content solutions. They allow the website to remember your settings (for example, your username, and your language preference) and to provide you with personalized solutions. These cookies do not track your browsing history on other websites.
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Strictly necessary cookies are essential for you to be able to use different parts of the Website and for the Website to function and cannot be disabled for this reason.

Contact “Atile”

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or the protection and processing of your data, please feel free to contact us using the following contact details:
UAB “Arjelita”, legal entity code 302952457
Aido st. 43-7, LT-78241 Šiauliai
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel. No. +370 699 32423
Upon receipt of your request, we will reply to you within 30 days. In exceptional cases, we may extend the deadline for a further 30 days after informing you. This Privacy Policy was last updated on 03/01/2023.