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New Arrivals


New Arrivals

Each garment is handmade in Lithuania

Tracksuit “Saule”
Tracksuit "Saule"

62,00 EUR

Blouse “Jogailė”
Blouse "Jogailė"

35,00 EUR

Pants “Pija”
Pants "Pija"

29,00 EUR

Tracskuit “Lara”
Tracskuit "Lara"

75,00 EUR

Jumper ” Raile”
Jumper " Raile"

38,00 EUR

Trousers “Olivia”
Trousers "Olivia"

39,00 EUR

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Suknelė "Iglė"

For inspiration

Clothing combinations that will inspire you to look at clothes differently.

For inspiration

Suknelė "Iglė"


All the clothes I have bought in this shop are well made and stylish. Perfect for both work and leisure wear. I’m very happy to have found you.


Very comfortable clothes, the material is very pleasant. I’ve been using it for a long time, and I’m very satisfied. The material does not change its properties after washing and the colour remains the same. Definitely recommended!