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About Us

Our history begins in the 90 's ... Then, we were just beginning to take the first steps, today - we are already big and experts in our field, having gained experience with various changes. In the hands of our professionals, textiles of the highest quality are turned into clothing for women who enjoy elegance and a subtle style.
Creativity, passion, colors and inexhaustible inspiration describe the range of women's clothing. The most important thing for us is to maintain the best ratio of quality and price. Every product born from an idea in our minds and becomes a wonderful creation, produced by one master from the beginning to the end, so the products are offered to you an impeccable quality. Our company ‘Arjelita’ has been existing since 2013 and over time has been created our brand Atilė. This is a family business and our employers are also a part of our family ...
All our creations are made by ourselves in Lithuania and we are very proud of that. Every woman can find a style she likes, our product choice is very wide and varied, we quite often change textiles and patterns.
When we design for you, we seek for the main goal - to create clothes and see your smiles...

With love,
Atile team